World Championships Diary

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Friday February 15th 2013
A bit of a lie in this morning as I was able to sleep all the way through until 7am!  Actually, this is something of a luxury these days!

After a couple of slalom gate training runs I headed over to the slalom race hill for a few free ski runs to prepare for tomorrow.  In order to maintain energy and strength for what will, undoubtedly, be a challenging slalom course tomorrow my training was kept short today and, after finishing free skiing, I attempted to find a spot from which to cheer on my team mate, Conor.  After some difficulty finding space in the stands, I finally got settled to watch the last 50 racers.  Conor did a great run and placed 54th after the first run, meaning he qualified for the second!  He finished overall in a deserved 52nd position and so congratulations go to him!! 

Ted Ligety lived up to his GS reputation and comfortably took home the gold with Marcel Hirscher in silver-medal position.  After a very enjoyable and exciting day of racing I headed back to the hotel to prepare my skis for tomorrow and for some light recovery work.  I don't yet know what bib number I will be as the captain's meeting is still taking place but fingers crossed tomorrow will be a good day!