World Championships Diary

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Sunday February 17th 2013

With my races over and my body telling me I need a rest, I headed with some of my friends to watch the men's slalom along with thousands of excited fans!

The turn-out for the race was incredible and the atmosphere was mind blowing!  Having access to the team area, I got a great view of the course without enduring the cramped conditions of the spectators.  

After the first run, I took the opportunity to get one of my race bibs signed by some of the top athletes. Most were extremely friendly and more than happy to do it with just a few (I won't name names) seeing themselves as maybe a little too important.  After watching the first few racers in the second run, it was time to head back to pack the van to leave.  As sad as I am that this experience is over, the memories I will take away will stay with me and I am leaving with even more drive to continue improving in this sport that I love so much. 

For now, I'm looking forward to going home for some rest.