World Championships Diary

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Tuesday February 12th 2013
This morning we left the hotel at 7.30 for a training day on the Reiteralm, about 5 minute's drive from Schladming. Since there were no races on at this time the slopes were full of athletes with a number of famous faces among them including Anna Fenniger, Tina Maze, Kathrin Zettle and Julia Mancuso!! 

After a dull start, the sun managed to break through making it a great training day. After training, I headed into Schladming with my dad for lunch to try to absorb some of the incredible atmosphere. The streets were buzzing as people were arriving to watch the team event.   I was really pleased to see my Grandad who has travelled out here to watch me race.  

After heading back to the hotel to prep skis and do some recovery work we went back into Schladming to watch the team event. It was fantastic!! Our accreditation got us into a great viewing spot and the atmosphere in the crowd was incredible. To the crowd's delight (and my own), the Austrian team won in the final against Sweden. After experiencing this race I cannot wait to race on Thursday in Giant Slalom!!