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Arriving in China
November 24th 2013
After a long delay at Heathrow because of a problem with the hold door, we arrived in Beijing at @ 7am on Saturday.  It is a huge airport and it took a considerable time to pass through immigration and customs and to actually navigate the building.

Our drive to Genting Resort, Secret Garden took us past the breathtaking Great Wall of China at Bedaling.  As our car climbed the hill, leaving the thick yellow smog of Beijing behind us, we had our first sight of the incredible Great Wall marching impressively with its intermittent turrets, over the hills and into the distance. After this, and not including other small glimpses of the Great Wall, the scenery was very boring; browned earth and bare trees.  The only remarkable thing was the amount and size of new development - not just 1 apartment building at a time but half a dozen together and other buildings to go with them.

The Great Wall of China at Bedaling (seen from a moving car!)

Our driver was a nightmare.  He behaved quite normally for the first part of the journey out of Beijing and up the hill at Bedaling and then he seemed to go into a sort of trance.  He drove at a constant 80kmph (50 miles per hour), firmly stuck in the outside lane of the motorway.  The drivers of other vehicles (travelling at normal motorway speeds) would come up behind us, sound their horns to show their annoyance and then pass us on the inside - he was totally oblivious to this and to our anxiety!  He then got lost twice, cranking up the toll charges as he exited and rejoined the motorway.  He would have got lost a third time except that my Mum was paying attention to the road signs (I didn't know she could read Mandarin!) and told him he needed to turn left when he was starting to turn right!  Finally, after a drive that took much longer than it should, we have arrived at the 1 year old resort of Genting Resort, Secret Garden.