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Asarigawa Slalom Races
January 19th 2014
I thought it had been snowing a lot since we've been in Japan but in Asarigawa the weather surpassed itself and it snowed almost non-stop.

It is actually the last place you would really expect to find a lot of snow because you can see the sea from the top of the hill which is just a matter of a couple of kilometers from the race hill!

They cope with it well and the races went off with just a small delay on the second day.

I skied well but was up against a field made up mostly of local girls who were familiar with the race hill and who knew every part of the course like the back of their hands.  In fact, my second run on day 2 was probably the best slalom run I have ever done - my time was not beaten by the following 7 racers and I was able to reduce my Olympic Slalom points.

Me with Ronnie (from Israel) and Flo - happy to have finished the slalom races