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Australia, New Zealand Cup SL, Mount Hutt, New Zealand
September 21st 2013
A big mistake in the 1st run cost me at least 2 seconds but I was going out 3rd in the 2nd run and, since the poor weather was causing the course to deteriorate rapidly, I knew that I could make amends.

Then, to my shock and horror, I got to the start of the second run at 10.50am (it was scheduled  to start at 11.15am) to be advised that, not only was it now going to start at 11am but they had flipped the top 15 instead of the top 30 and I was now going out 16th!  To say I was shocked was an understatement!  My coach and I both protested but to no avail; and as we continued to protest, the second run got underway.

Under the circumstances, I had a decent 2nd run but the Organisers' mistake cost me 3-4 seconds and a score in the 80s.which I would have been happy with considering the company I was racing against, the mistake in the 1st run and the fact that this was an ANC race.

Amongst other things, the FIS rules state that:- 

The Jury has the right to decide no later than one hour before the start of the first run; whether the reversed order shall be reduced to the first fifteen placed competitors from the first run. 

It is totally unacceptable that the Organisers of the race fail to understand the FIS rules!  They left me with a result that tarnishes the hard work I have been doing over the last 11 weeks in New Zealand.  I am disgusted that my protest was made yet ignored.  A letter of complaint has been sent to the Organisers so watch this space for further news ...