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December 9th 2013
Yesterday we got up at 4.30am to be driven back to Beijing where we caught a 2 hour flight, north, to Changchun and then a further drive to Beidahu.

Beidahu has previously been host to the Asian Winter Games and it is a resort in development, with a number of cranes and several partially-built hotel and apartment buildings under construction.  It is in the North of China, about 250 miles west of Vladivostok, in Siberia; a fact quite evident from the climate and the landscape.  It is very different from the area around Chongli, where we have just come from, which, whilst searingly cold is mostly barren land and snow-free, the slopes there being man-made.  We landed in snow and drove along roads covered in several inches of it to get here - ironically, at speeds much higher than the drivers to/from Beijing could manage!