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Beidahu Races
December 14th 2013
If you like your ski resorts:-

So cold that you can only bear to be outside for the duration of your run and no longer;
With the temperature of indoor seating areas sub-zero;
Where there are constant drips of dubious origin coming from the ceiling above the indoor seating area;
Where the locals snort and then spit the proceeds into bins alongside your seat;
Where the toilets are literally holes in the ground, with no paper and nowhere to wash your hands;
Where the word "service" has failed to fall into common use;
Where the race hill is a steep slope of sheet ice .....

.... come to Beidahu!!!

I have never been so pleased to be packing my suitcase to leave somewhere.  I thought Genting and Wanlong were cold and they were, with biting winds to boot, but Beidahu is relentless, energy-sapping cold that feels as if it is going to snap your nose off after 10 seconds exposure to it.  However, I came here to do a job and I have achieved what I came here to do; to get my Olympic slalom points down by 4 points and I had my first top 10 finish of the season.

Gathering for the GS race.

In the process, however, I managed to finish 13th on Friday 13th, 2013.  In the true tradition of the superstition, I broke one of my slalom poles and bruised my ribs where I impaled myself on it having managed to get it stuck in the ground on the way down the race course in the second run; very sore and extremely annoying.  However, possibly more irritating was the process of negotiating the purchase of a new pair of poles.  This involved a minimum of 9 local people as well as me.  I don't even know if they all worked in the shop or if some of them were passing by, but they all felt it incumbent upon them to give their opinion (not that I have a clue what that was) or simply to stare.

Negotiating the purchase of new slalom poles.

I have made good friends with Jasmine and Veronica whilst we have been here and I hope we keep in touch.

With Jasmine & Veronica

I am looking forward to spending a day exploring Beijing (not to mention clear water when I turn on the tap!) before heading back home for a few days rest over Christmas.