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Coronet Peak Races - 2013
August 15th 2013
A mixed bag this week,  

I got a nasty graze/bruise on my chin as a result of a bad fall in Slalom training which broke my chin guard.  Then I got concussion when I crashed in the the last warm-up run in gates before the GS at Coronet Peak.  I went straight from the warm-up to the first run but was pulled out of the race when my injury became apparent.  So this was obviously not great and meant that I was withdrawn from the following day's Slalom race.

On the other hand I got my A level results and got A grades in all subjects - no idea how that happened!!!  Needless to say, I am very pleased with this (as are my parents).

Florence and I have been sharing a room with Katharina Gallhuber from Austria.  This is her first season of FIS racing (having been born in 1997) and she is definitely making her mark.  In the Coronet Peak GS, she had a start bib of 39 (the last to go in the first run) and finished 5th overall with 28.61 points!!  In fact, she was actually the fastest in the second run!  She came 4th in the Slalom the next day with 37.85 points.  I have been watching her training and she is amazing.  Definitely one to watch (you heard it here first!!).