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End of Season Report 2013/2014
June 30th 2014

The 2013/2014 ski season began with my 4th summer in a row spent training and racing in New Zealand.  After almost 3 months, I was feeling very fit, but ready for a rest.

During October and early November, I trained in the Pitztal, Austria.  Without a doubt, I think this has the most beautiful mountain scenery in the world; not to mention some of the best food.  And all this just 1 hour time difference and a short flight from home – perfect!

In mid-November I headed to China for some training and 12 races, including the Far East Cup.  Unbelievably cold conditions prevailed; honestly, the coldest I have ever experienced.  I returned home in time for Christmas and a 10 day break before travelling to Japan for further training and some more races.

At the check-in desk as I was returning from Japan I received an email to my phone giving me the dreaded news; that Florence had been selected to represent Ireland at the Sochi Olympics.  My world was at an end.  Four years of sacrifice and hard work had amounted up to failure.  It still makes me cry to think about it.

After supporting Florence as best as I could in Sochi I headed off to Europe to train and race in Austria, Spain, Germany and Greece.  In Greece I just missed winning the GS National Championship race by 0.02 seconds but I was so happy to get 2nd (and, therefore, my first ever FIS podium) that I quickly got over the disappointment of not winning.

To finish-off the season at the end of April I accompanied Florence to Japan for a final 4 slalom races where I was pleased to lower my SL points from 80.65 to 72.49.

During the season I finished with 7 top 15 places, 3 top 10 places and a podium.  I trained and raced in New Zealand, Austria, China, Japan, Spain, Germany and Greece.  I met some amazing and some famous people and was lucky enough to see some incredible sights.

My journey along the road to Pyeongchang 2018 has already begun …