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FIS Development Camp - November 2012
November 29th 2012
Just back on the snow after an unintentional break (pardon the pun!) from training.

On the last day of fitness training in Castelroto, I fell heavily; twisting my left foot.  On initial examination by the medics in Castelroto, it was thought to be just a sprain so I managed with crutches (and a little help from Lufthansa personnel) to get back home for the 1/2 term break.  

However, before returning to Camp, my foot was still not right so I had it X-rayed and to my horror discovered that I had broken the 5th Metatarsel - and that's usually a 6 - 8 weeks recovery scenario!  Anyway, following the consumption of gallons of milk and plenty of calcium tablets, with physiotherapy, tlc from my parents and my own willpower I have now joined-up with my team mates in Pfelders and I am back on my skis, feeling great.  If anything, I think the rest has probably done me good after a long summer in New Zealand.  I am looking forward to resuming training as normal.