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Genting Resort Races
December 1st 2013
Well my wish didn't come true about the temperature, at least not for the first day of the races when it was minus 42!!!!  It did, however, rise to a sizzling minus 10 by the last race.

My Slalom results were disappointing since I have been making great improvements in training.  I think "first night" nerves got the better of me and I did not perform to my ability.  The GS, however was much better.

Early morning on SL race day.

In the first GS race I was fairly cautious in the first run but managed to get into the top 30 flip, finishing the race in 29th position. However, the points were damaged by the DNS of the second-lowest point racer.  By the second GS race I had got the bit between my teeth and  was just 2.57 seconds off the leader after the first run.  I held on reasonably well in the second, much more "turny", run and finished a much improved 19th overall.

In the start - GS race at Genting Resort.

I am beginning to feel much more confident and I am looking forward to the races in Wanlong.