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March 19th 2013
Another 4 races cancelled - this time in Hinterstoder, Austria.

Flo and I have been training together in the Austrian Tyrol (by the way, the most beautiful ski area in the World), in preparation for these races and my Dad got notification of the cancellations, just 2 days before the first race was scheduled to take place, just as he was boarding the plane at Heathrow!

Anyway, looking on the positive side, another 10 days of training gates with quality coaching and video analysis of every run can only be a good thing.  I am excited to be training alongside members of the Austrian women's team, including Bernadette Schild, who is preparing for the last Slalom race of the season on the World Cup tour.  It has been great to watch their training runs and the way their coaches operate - why don't all race coaches use video analysis and split timing?

Where next?  Hopefully somewhere where the races aren't cancelled due to poor snow conditions (or poor organisation)!  I feel that  I have come on more in the last 2 weeks, with the top class coaching that I have received, than I have in the whole of the rest of the season.  

My coach has been saying this week that, from the way I have been skiing in training, he cannot believe I haven't yet scored 50 points in slalom.  he has given me so much confidence and advice during the 3 hours daily sessions  that I have shared with Flo.  I can feel the professionalism, encouragement, competitiveness and inspiration all around me.  I have never felt more ready to race and feel as if I have moved up another 2 levels.  So, on reflection, a big thank you to the organisers for cancelling the races at Hinterstoder - I'm ready to race fast, so watch this space!

As I am writing this, I just looked on the FIS site and noticed that some more races that we were thinking of entering, at Pigadia Naousa, in Greece, have also been cancelled!