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Honokidaira, Japan
March 28th 2013
Just spent 5 days at the only hotel I know of (and definitely the only one I have ever stayed in) that is geared towards dogs!  The Wan Wan Paradise Hotel (and it possibly is ... if you're a pooch!).

The races in Hohnokidaira had the biggest field that I have every known in a normal FIS race  - there were 129 females for each of the 2 GS races.  Consequently, I started both days with bib 94!

It was not easy  to fight my way through the ranks, especially with the very Spring-like conditions that meant the snow was incredibly soft by the time I got to go in the 2nd run (this was not helped by the unusual decision to let the boys go first).  Nevertheless, I managed to climb my way up to finish 66th with 86.29 points on the first day and I was really pleased to finish 59th with 79.10 points on the second day; just a tiny bit disappointed because a mistake on the bottom part of the 2nd run cost me the possibility of scoring under 70 points.