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Instructor Training
November 30th 2014
Having passed my level 1 instructor course in August, it has been difficult to get in the required number of hours of "shadowing" (where I am supposed to observe a fully qualified coach in operation) because I am now at University.  So, I am cramming-in the hours every time I have the chance and I spent Sunday morning there when I came home for the weekend.

This time I was put with the tiny first-timers.  Wow, that was hard work!  Better than a gym session in fact, running up and down the hill with them, picking them up, putting skis back on, putting gloves back on ...  Never mind "shadowing", I think I am a bit of free labour!

Most of the kids are sweet and the 3 year olds are really lovely, but some of the parents are verging on obsessive - one, who was extremely vocal, had to be reminded (by the instructor, I hasten to add) that he had previously been told, more than once, that he should remain inside and not on the hill with the children!

I look forward to the day when I can be paid for my efforts!