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Irish Daily Mail
January 18th 2014

Last week, Flo and I were interviewed by a journalist from the Irish Daily Mail.  She wanted to cover the angle on how we are sisters but also each other's greatest competitor when it comes to being selected (or not) for the Winter Olympics.

We did the interview over skype after dinner in Asarigawa (or, actualy, after non eating the "typical Japanese" meal that we had been given").  It was Ok.  However, I was a bit surprised to see that, in today's paper, I am described as being "highly strung"!  And some of the things that Flo and I are supposed to have said are not accurately reported at all.  

Oh well, they says there's no such thing as bad publicity and at least my Mum is pleased that someone has finally acknowledged the agony of having 2 daughters in competition with each other!