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Kirschberg Training
February 24th 2016
The last 2 weeks have really flown by.  Mostly the weather has been great but there have been a few days of snow/rain.

After a frustrating couple of days in the gates I decided to do some days of free-skiing with repetitive drills and this has really brought my slalom along and allowed me a very progressive week this week back in the gates.  Video analysis, as ever, is so useful in picking up even the smallest things.

it is great to have this year without any planned competitions.  I am really enjoying having this time to focus on making leaps in my technique without the constraints of needing to hit plastic because of an up-coming race when really a few days of free-skiing is the best thing I can do.

Spent the day in Vienna today before returning home tomorrow.  After all the years I have been training in Austria it is the first time I have ever had the opportunity to have a look around the Capital and it is very beautiful.

Looking forward to getting back to the snow in a couple of weeks time!