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National Championships - Coronet Peak
August 31st 2012

After doing a bungy jump in Queenstown, going fast on a pair of skis isn't going to scare me so I was really ready for my next 2 races!

Not a brilliant 1st fun in the GS but I did just make it into the top 30 flip.  After a much better 2nd run, I'm very pleased with my result in a field made up of World Cup and Europa Cup racers.


In the Slalom on day 2 I felt that my 1st run was probably my best ever Slalom run.  It was a difficult hill, full of exceptional racers but I cannot remember making even a single mistake.  I am delighted to have scored 94 points in such a field.


Off to Cardrona tomorrow for my last two races before some much needed R & R in Bangkok on the way home.