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R&R in Dunedin
August 24th 2013
Just returned to Wanaka after a 2 day break spent in Dunedin - the oldest town in New Zealand.

It was a 3 and a half hour drive from Wanaka along snigle carriageway roads until we were very excited to see signs alerting us to the Motorway ahead - it was 3 lanes for about 5 minutes and then returned to dual then single carriageway again.

I cannot say that I was particularly impressed with Dunedin itself.  We visited the Cadbury Chocolate factory (not quite the same as the one at Bourneville in Birmingham!) and the Settlers' Museum which was interesting and where I tried on the fashion of the day -it wasn't really my style!

The best part of the trip to Dunedin was when we ventured out onto the Otago Peninsular where we went on a trek to see the Blue penguins and the Yellow-Eyed penguins.  It was amazing, from hides dug down into the sand dunes, we were in touching distance of them.  Walking along the coastal path we also saw seals sitting on the rocks close by.

The weekend went all too fast; back to training in the morning!