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Santa Caterina - January 2013
January 22nd 2013
Day 1
Two poor runs!  I was feeling far too nervous in the start gate and I lacked confidence due to having had absolutely no preparation on the hill in advance of the race.  I didn't even make the flip after the first run so, in effect, my race was over from then on.  I did a lot of thinking and came up with a plan for day 2.

Day 2
I was bib 4 - I stuck to my plan and was 13th after the first run.  The course was not changed for the second run because of there being heavy snowfall during the race and I struggled through the course in the second run.  I was disappointed to relinquish my 13th place and come 24th.  However, I am taking a lot of positives from the first run and I feel a lot happier overall with today's race.