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Shiga Kogen Races - January 2014
January 12th 2014
Snow, snow & more snow!!

The conditions for the GS were very bad.  I was extremely pleased to complete the race and, in the circumstances, with my score of 96 - my 9th sub-100 result of the season so far.

The meteorological conditions remained equally challenging for of the Slalom races.  I had a choice of taking the more pedestrian route and more-or-less ensuring a finish or trying to race it.  The sport is "ski racing" after all so I chose the latter but I was unable to hold myself in the deeply-rutted course.  I was in good company though - with 21 girls who didn't finish the first run of the first day (and only 65% finishing at all) and just 57% of the field completing the course on the second day.

The challenge didn't end there.  Having parked the car up on Monday and with almost continual snow since then, by Saturday, it was buried under a couple of feet of snow.  Flo and I had the task of digging us out - my Dad (by now hobbling with damaged ligaments in his foot) said that it counted as "recovery work" for the day!

Digging my way out of Shiga Kogen!

Looking forward to the GS races in Sugadaira.