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Solden World Cup Race
October 26th 2013
Absolutely fantastic day for watching a World Cup ski race - not such a marvellous day for those not drawn in the top 5!

I know it's Autumn but the conditions on the glacier were more like you would expect in the Spring; warm with a beautiful blue sky and, whilst the girls were struggling with the softening snow on the hill, for me, the icing on the cake was that we had VIP tickets!

It was great to see my friend, Greta, from Australia competing in her very first World Cup race and achieving what she set out to do in this race.

This week I have been training in the next lane to Lara Gut and something must, obviously, have rubbed off on her because she won today's race!  Just ahead of my training partner from New Zealand, Kathrin Zettel who finished second!

Me with Kathrin Zettel in Treblecone

I must admit, though, that it is much more fun watching a big race like this than competing in it!  The party was in full swing before the second run even began - the music was fantastic all the way through and the DJ tried to match the track to the racer on course which was very entertaining.  

I enjoyed every moment of the day since the time will fly by between now and my next race.