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Speikboden - Sand in Taufers
December 20th 2012

Getting back into my stride after 5 weeks out with a broken foot.  I'm just happy to be back racing, this side of Christmas because that seemed extremely unlikely when I first found out that I had broken my foot at the end of October when I was told that I would not be training again until January.

Although I only completed 1 GS race (out of 2 GS and 2 Slalom starts) I am far from disappointed.  The fact that my foot gave me no trouble during the races was more than I could have hoped for.  A 29th position out of 45 finishers and a score of 115 in the GS race that I did complete was a great bonus.

I'm looking forward to going home and having a few days rest over Christmas with all of my family.  Then it's off to Japan for 4 GS races before returning to my race team in Italy.