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Sugadaira GS Races
January 15th 2014
Today, I completed my last GS races in the run up to selection for Sochi.

On the day before the first of the two races I had a bad crash in training.  The snow was very soft and rutted and I came out of the training course and fell hard - they sent the blood wagon for me but I was determined not to go down the mountain in it and just avoided it with some artful persuasion!  I blame my Dad because he was the one who suggested I have "one more run"!

I probably shouldn't have raced the first GS but I was back to more like myself for the second.

Since July 1st 2012 and up to today (the Olympic qualification period) , I can now list my 5 best GS results.  Should I be selected for Sochi, it is the average that will determine the start order for the GS race at the Winter Olympics:-


Average:  71.12

After the second day of GS races