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Training in Pitztal - Autumn 2014
October 28th 2014
I am enjoying my skiing SO much here in Pitztal.  I think I  over-cooked it last year (I did far too much) but, after a break since the summer, I am absolutely loving it!  It helps, of course, that I am skiing well!

Crowds on the glacier

During the summer I have spent quite a bit of time with my personal trainer, rather than on the hill, as usual.  I can definitely feel it paying off.  I also think it has helped with energy versus tiredness that I didn't spend the summer in the southern hemisphere.  I think travelling to New Zealand is more draining on the body than just the skiing alone; the travelling and the enormous time difference definitely sap you of energy and vitalility. This is not a problem you get when you train on European glaciers!

It is the first time, since February, that I have seen (or even heard of) a fellow Irish skier in action in the mountains (other than my sister of course) -yesterday and today I bumped in to Cormack Comerford who is also training on the glacier here and enjoying the excellent conditions.