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Training with the Austrian Ski Team at TC!
August 29th 2013

A very interesting day of training today at Treblecone - it was just me and the Austrian team!! Really ...

I was training with the famous Kathrin Zettel, Michaela Kirchgasser and Bernadette Schild, amongst others.  It was an unbelievable day - the Austrian team was training at Treblecone and, since I was not racing at Coronet Peak that day, my Austrian coach arranged for me to be included in training with them - with their coaches, their timing, everything.  Just me and all these super-star Austrian skiers!  

Already this year I've trained on the same hill as the Austrian team in the Pitztal as well as in Schladming and New Zealand but this was something else - I was training WITH them!  My Dad said it was like him turning up at the local football pitch to find the Man United 1st team working out and inviting him to join in!

You couldn't make it up - what a fantastic day!!!!

Me and Kathrin Zettel.