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Treble Cone and Cardrona Races
August 10th 2012
Disappointingly, the first races of the season were put back a week owing to poor snow conditions on the pistes in both Treble Cone and Cardrona.  Added to that disappointment was the fact that the new races all took place in Cardrona and none were held in Treble Cone, where we have been training every day!

The first Slalom did not go well because I was confronted by a coach in the middle of the course, trying to repair a gate!!   I did get a re-run and went last but one in the first run.  I tried hard in the 2nd run to make up lost time and, for my efforts, was rewarded by straddling a gate!

The second Slalom was not without problems either.  After a decent first run (which was shaping up to get me a score comfortably under 100), at the beginning of the 2nd run we were told that the previous evening the offficials had decided to flip the top 15 rather than the top 30.  This was an unwelcome surprise and I don't know why we had no fore-warning.  Obviously, the scores of everyone outside the top 15 were affected.  It's a bit odd that this race (which took place in Cardrona) is actually shown on the FIS site as having been in Treble Cone!

Day 3 was much better.  Again, it was held in Cardrona and I achieved a PB in GS; my first sub-100 in that discipline.

Day 4 dawned with extremely poor visibility on the hill as a result of low-lying clouds.  I was very surprised that the first run took place at all, but it did.  The second run, however, was eventually cancelled due to the worsening weather conditions.

So, in all, not a great 4 days of racing; due to circumstances out of my control.

I suppose, to look on the positive side, I did come out of it with a PB in Giant Slalom but I had hoped for more, especially with 2 races that should have been held on my "home" hill.  As they say, that's ski racing!