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Watching Flo in Sochi
February 23rd 2014
I have just returned to my training base in Pitztal after spending 5 nights in Sochi, where I went to watch Flo complete at the Olympic Winter Games.

In all honesty, I was quite jealous in many ways because this had been my goal and dream and I was, instead, having to watch my sister living it.  However, I was also extremely proud of her and rooting for her 110%.

I stayed with my Mum and Dad on the Norwegian Jade cruise ship in the port of Sochi.  It was SUCH a long way from the action in the Alpine Centre - actually, it was a long way from Olympic action anywhere!  It took us almost 3 hours to get to the stadium of the Alpine Centre and we often had to stand on the train for most of the 90 minute ride.  And we had to walk for miles to get anywhere.   It was closer to the Olympic Park which was really impressive and where we watched the final of the Women's Ice Hockey.  It was a nail-biter.  It ended up 3 - 2 in extra time with Canada winning, against form.  The USA had been in the lead 2 - 0 until near the end of normal play.

We got completely soaked watching the GS in the pouring rain.  Flo came out 15 gates into the first run.  The positive side to this was that we didn't have to stay for the second run - I think we would all have had pneumonia if we had!

I went in to the Olympic Village to spend the day with Flo and we painted a Babushka for our Mum.  We did ask if I could stay with her because there was a spare bed and she was missing female company.  However, this was unfortunately, not allowed even though other Countries were able to change support personnel with little notice.

The Slalom was fantastic.  Flo put in a very good first run which would have been even better (probably by 2 seconds) if she hadn't made a big mistake and a hockey-stop towards the top of the course.  She was very popular when she came to see us in the stadium and was besieged by people wanting pictures with her!  Unfortunately, the course was very rutted by the time she came to race in the second run and, since she was really trying to race it, she came out quite early on.  Even I have to say, though, that it was a really good performance, especially for a first Olympics.

There was plenty of action on the ship - it was truly open 24hrs.  We came back from the Ice Hockey at 1.30am (after walking for miles, as usual) by which time we had not had dinner.  We went to the Churrascaria (yes, honestly, a Brazlilian restaurant on a Norwegian ship!) which was one of the 16 restaurants on board and had to wait for a table at 1.45am!!  The place was packed.  It was like an Olympic Village for spectators!

I am absolutely shattered but in a good way.  I enjoyed myself in Sochi and Flo did really well so I am happy.