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World Alpine Ski Championships Day 12 - 2015
February 12th 2015
Today I went over to Beaver Creek to meet up with my Mum to watch Flo race in the GS. Having started University last Autumn I have not had as much GS training as I would have liked so decided to concentrate on Slalom at these Championships.

My Dad had met with Flo, Tess and Alain (our coach) much earlier this morning and I got a sense of how my parents must feel when they are watching Flo and me racing - I had my heart in my mouth!

Just before Flo was to race, the "master of ceremonies" for the Championships came over to me and Tess's mother because he could see us waving the Irish flag.  He "interviewed" me as Flo was racing!  He asked me what I wanted to say to her (as if she could hear me!!) and I cheered her on and encouraged her to make it through the finish.  Just at that point she came up on the big screen and I could see her poling back into the course - Oh no!  But then she appeared in the finish and got a huge cheer.  I was so relieved!

Being "interviewed" by Uncle E.

Flo and me with Uncle E

We watched the 2nd run and saw the amazing Anna Fenninger storm to gold in emphatic style.  We then treated ourselves to smores at my parents hotel.  These are toasted marshmallows sandwiched between crackers and chocolate - naughty but VERY nice!