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World Alpine Ski Championships Day 9 - 2015
February 9th 2015
My abiding memory of this day will be the way we were treated by the American coaches for Michaela Shiffren!

Every Nation is allocated a training slot and specific lanes on a daily basis.  Today, we were up nice and early for our slalom training session at Golden Peak - sharing with Hungary, Israel and others.  The gates were late in being set but as soon as they were, we were all ready to go when we were told to make way for Michaela Shiffren - they wanted her to go first!  However, not only was Michaela not actually ready to start her run,she wasn't even at the top of the hill - she was finishing her sandwich at the bottom! Even when she did finally make it to the top she took a very long time to get herself ready to take her training run.  And then, to cap it all off, they wanted to pull the course early, when we had barely had a chance to ski!

Obviously, I realise that Michaela Shiffren is the best in the World but I do not think this is very sportsmanlike on the part of her team. We are all competing here and wanting to do the best we can.  The lanes are for all of us to use in the limited time that we are allocated and if they cannot share equally I think they should have their own, dedicated, private training facility somewhere else.

Me and other athletes waiting to train SL.

This is the WORLD Championships and not the USA Ski Championships!

Having said all that, I think I skied the best I have since we've been here and my coach, Alain, seemed very pleased with me!